About Black Rose

Black Rose is a Premium African Cosmetic Brand derived from the luxurious Rose-Oil.   Our name was inspired by the magnificent and exotic black roses found only in the tiny village of Halfeti, turkey.   Our products are derived from the essential oil obtained from the world renowned Rosa Damascena flower; cultivated in countries such as Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco. This rich hydrating oil combined with a captivating aroma has been used throughout the ages as a source of aromatherapy and for luxury indulgence.  Our products are specifically designed to provide our customers with a captivating aroma, moisturising and hydrating qualities all combined with a variety of natural ingredients, such as yoghurt. All designed and packaged for the woman who knows her worth.



Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients:  Our products are a combination of Rose-oil, Rose-water with a number of natural ingredients such as Yoghurt.  Yoghurt; rich in zinc and lactic acid, has been utilized by the Egyptians throughout the centuries as a rich skin moisturizer, skin renewal remedy and for its anti-aging and de-pigmentation properties.



Product Quality

 All our products are developed in a state-of-the-art development facility, with a full complement of instrumental techniques for testing and analysis and a team of scientists with over 30 years’ experience in the cosmetic industry ranging from product development to analytical studies.  All products are subjected to clinical trials, microbiological studies and stability assessments. Our manufacturing facilities are GMP compliant and registered with the CTFA.



Product Line

Our product line range comprises of rose-oil scented body lotions and creams, shower gels, body washes and bubble baths, perfumes and body mists. Baths salts and concentrated massage oils and our premium fragrance range inclusive of body mists and perfumes.